Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toot Toot!

On Saturday we enjoyed an early mothers day trip to have a ride on a steam train. We made it a family day with Princess E's Nanna, Gran-nan, Poppa, Aunty, Uncle, Cousins and some close family friends as well as Mummy and Daddy.
We enjoyed a train ride then went to the park for a "Nic Nic" (Picnic) where we collected acorns and played in the leaves. After our lunch we went for a walk around the small town of Sheffield and looked at the murals. And we couldn't resist stopping in at the lolly shop! This week Princess E is having some train sandwiches driven by a happy teddy bear biscuit on a railway of chocolate wafer biscuits and marshmallow steam.

Train sandwich
Princess E and I on the train

One of the famous murals at Sheffield Tasmania

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Dental Appointment

Today was Princess E's first dentist appointment! We are lucky enough to know our dentist really well but it didn't help with getting Princess E to show the dentist her teeth. So after a ride in the chair and lots of crying she got some stickers and did a drawing while mummy talked to the dentist and the dental assistant. So today we thought we should have a toothy kinda lunch :)

Apple mouth, molar marshmallows, tooth fairy wands and a tooth 
sandwich holding a cheese tooth brush

Apple and marshmallow mouth

Marshmallow molar teeth