Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Our frog we made.
This week Princess E has been hopping around like a frog. So after making a frog yesterday we decided to have a frog lunch and it just happens to fall on February 29th! A leap year!!!!!!

Frog sandwich (made with Lunch Punch Cutter), green mini marshmallows, frog stamped honey dew melon, apple and grape frog, lily pad kiwi fruit and a frog in a pond. 
Apple and Grape frog
Frog stamped honey dew melon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fairies have moved in

A couple of weeks ago I entered Princess E in to a competition to win a Lil Fairy Door and she was lucky enough to win! So her rainbow fairy door arrived and was put on her wall in the trunk of Russell's (the monkey) tree.

After a couple of days the fairies came to visit and left some little toadstool lights :)

And the fairies also left a fairy lunch for Princess E to take to day care.
Fruit fairy wand, pink fairy biscuits, toadstool, fairy sandwich, pink mini mashmellows, rainbow cupcake

The cute toadstool
Fairy sandwich made with the sand wishes lunch punch

Special thanks go to 'lil Fairy Door for their great products and fun competition! Go and check out their facebook page to see their great products!! Will bring lots of fun and fairies to you house :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sealed with a loving kiss ❤

This week is Valentine's day so we thought we would share the love in Princess E's lunch box.

For breakfast Princess E enjoyed rice bubbles with a coco pop heart

Strawberry hearts, watermelon hearts, pink mini marshmallows, and love letter sandwich sealed with a dried mango heart.

Mini hot dog cut into a heart with a cupid arrow through it

and the ugly toad was lucky enough to find some chocolate coated strawberry hearts in his lunch box...

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week Princess E was lucky enough to see Disney Live! We had a great family morning out! She wasn't real keen to start with but by the end of the show she was up dancing for the crowd! So this week she is having a Disney Lunch.
Mickey and Minnie dried apple slices, Minnie Oreo's, yoghurt ball,/fruit balls/fruity bites in yellow silicon mould, buzz and woody fruit stick and  Minnie sandwiches. 

Minnie and Mickey Oreo's (Thanks Aunty Cat for the idea!)

Disney Live!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So I didn't get a chance to make a lunch last week as I was sick :( But while Princess E has been sleeping today I have made rainbow cupcakes to take and share with her two cousins!
Coloured cake mix
Ready to go in the oven

The cooked cupcake
A cupcake broken in half.

Ok so how do you make these?

1. Make a basic cupcake recipe
2. Divide mixture into 6 bowls
3. Colour mixture as follows: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
4. Place  one teaspoon of each colour into a patty pan starting with purple
5. Cook as per recipe 
6. Enjoy awesome rainbow cupcakes!