Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We ❤ Strawberries!

On Saturday we headed down the river to the Hillwood Berry Farm. If you like berries this is the place to go! My toad and I enjoyed pancakes topped with strawberries, cream, ice cream and a strawberry sauce. Princess E had a huge strawberry sundae!! It was so big she couldn't eat it all so of course daddy to the rescue helped her finish it off.
Princess E checking for any ripe strawberries.

So this week we are having a 'We  strawberries' lunch!!!
Strawberry custard, Heart shaped strawberry flavoured pikelets, pink and white mini marshmallows, heart shaped strawberries, strawberry flavoured pocky's, heart shaped sandwiches.

Princess E driving the tractor.

Princess E running away from the giant strawberries.

a view of a few of the rows of strawberry plants.

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