Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fairies have moved in

A couple of weeks ago I entered Princess E in to a competition to win a Lil Fairy Door and she was lucky enough to win! So her rainbow fairy door arrived and was put on her wall in the trunk of Russell's (the monkey) tree.

After a couple of days the fairies came to visit and left some little toadstool lights :)

And the fairies also left a fairy lunch for Princess E to take to day care.
Fruit fairy wand, pink fairy biscuits, toadstool, fairy sandwich, pink mini mashmellows, rainbow cupcake

The cute toadstool
Fairy sandwich made with the sand wishes lunch punch

Special thanks go to 'lil Fairy Door for their great products and fun competition! Go and check out their facebook page to see their great products!! Will bring lots of fun and fairies to you house :)

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